Thursday, June 5, 2014

Happy B-Day, Pop! You Can Have Your Pepperoni Cake and Eat It, Too!

Today is my papa's XXth birthday!!!  (No, not twentieth, all of you Latin nerds, but "XX" as in, "undisclosed-for-fear-of-being-labeled-a-near-senior-citizen").

Here's a picture of Señor Cumpleaños himself.
So bashful...

To celebrate, I made "Apple Kuchen" (German for "kitchen") for his highness.  Deeeeeeee-lectable!  My mom and I decided it was a cross between cheesecake and apple pie and when paired with ice cream...Holy Obesity, Batman!  I'm going to need a crane to airlift me back to my bedroom because this chick is stuffed!

Behold, a blurry picture of my beloved, my blood (I cut myself while cutting the apple so yes, my literal blood), sweat, and tears.  My pride and joy.  Even if it does look like pepperoni pizza.

But before eating our dessert, we had a family dinner at Jasmine, our family favorite Chinese restaurant.    I was too excited to wait and take a picture before I ate, so here's the aftermath.

Sadly, there weren't many leftovers :(

So today, after having my rest day yesterday (Wednesday, incidentally National Running Day--of course the one day I want to run is the day I've scheduled to not run) I did a brutal 7 mile, all uphill workout from my house to the dentist's office.  Now don't be startled; I did not go get my teeth cleaned post-run (what a sight that would have been!) but I ran to meet up with my mom who was getting her molar implants checked (notice how I had to specify her implants as being "molar;" I don't want anyone getting any wrong ideas about my mother!)

But it was a toughie.  More intense that I had planned for, to say the least.  And it was incredibly hot for being 9:30 in the a.m. as exhibited by my brand-spankin-new tan line.

'Tis the season.

It's been crazy rainy here in the 303, definitely not what I'm used to what with Colorado's documented 300+ days of sunshine.  It's almost like Mother Nature decided to use up her 65 day deficit within the past few weeks.  But it does make for some pretty gnarly clouds!

(Please excuse the rotated pics; I'm new to blogger and have just discovered that there is no way to flip images.  Must remember for next time.)

Adios, muchacho/as!  I'm off to finish Season 2 of Game of Thrones!  Let's hope Joffrey dies!

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