Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Whazzup Summer?!

Yaaaaay!!!  The days are longer, the temperature's rising, and finals are O-V-E-R, over!

I'm back in Colorado after a loooong, cold winter in Chicago and I'm ready for some summer nights ("Oh well, oh well, oh well, oh humph!").

Since I've been back home and have had little to do, I've steadily increased my mileage and have been working hard to finally get up to my twenty-mile long run.  This week I clocked around 43 miles total (I think...should probably double check) and have been feeling really energized due to my new habit of running first thing in the morning (I never knew how many people finish their workouts before 7 a.m.) and I'm loving it.  The only thing that I feel weird about is when 3 p.m. rolls around, I'm thinking that I should be getting ready for my run (3 p.m.'s the time that I run during the school year, after all my classes have let out).

It's be H-O-T, hot (well, compared to Chicago weather) here in the 303, as if you can't tell from my choice of attire this morning.  Can you say "SPAAANDEX" (cue Oprah voice).

Woke up bright and early this morning and went on a 8.3 mile run.  I'm loving running my longer runs in the morning because by the time I'm even remotely conscious of what I'm doing, 4 miles have flown by!  I didn't run too fast this morning (around 8:30ish minute miles) but I've definitely gone slower (and I've definitely gone faster).  I'm still achin' from that Jillian Michael's 6-Pack Ab Workout I did on Sunday.  Yikes.

Here's the note I wrote to myself that I put on my alarm clock this morning.  If anyone sane saw this, they may very well think I'm just a teensy bit obsessive about my running...Nah.

Went to Plato's Closet this morning to earn some "cashola" for the outrageous amount of clothes in my closet that have been trapped in there for years and are never worn (I'm so sorry, clothes!). Coming back from college and wearing the same 4 outfits just makes me realize how much stuff I have that I DO NOT need.  However, I will admit that I was a liiiiitle offended that they didn't take my Costco jeans and much of my Eddie Bauer apparel.  Sor-ry I happen to dress like a 60 year-old woman.

31 dolla'!
Off to donate the rest to Goodwill or Saver's--which ever one is closest to a gas station.  This girl wants some Diet Coke, yo!

Trader Joe's Chinese smorgasbord for dinner last night, mainly because we couldn't fit all the packages in the freezer (#firstworldproblems).  Not too bad, Mr. Joe.  The Orange Chicken maybe even rivals that of Jasmine (my favorite Chinese restaurant) if I do say so myself.

Shrimp Pot-stickers

Vegetable Stir-fry

And we'll just end the post with a picture of my dog, Ted, because how can anyone say no to that face?   

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